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These photographs are documentary works about King Bansah, the spiritual leader of the Ewe people, and the leaders of Hohoe city in Ghana. The king actually lives a middle-class life in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, where he runs his own auto body shop as a master mechanic and in his free time is a jury member in choosing the Wine Queen of Rheinland-Pfalz. He’s made it his life’s work to support his people from Germany. In order to do this, after work and on the weekends he collects money in a number of creative ways: He sells his beer, “Akosomo” (even though he himself does not drink), sells CDs with his German-African songs (he could recently be seen on the ZDF garden television) and takes part in countless events. The proceeds mainly benefit the construction of educational facilities in his village. Through his commitment, several schools have been built in recent years.

King Bansah #1 (Living Room),
This image is a part of the series “King Bansah” and shows a corner in his living room. Visible are two thrones, imported from Africa, for him and his wife. The mix of African objects with the German textured wallpaper, as well as the curtain in the background, reveals the subtle and bizarre collision of the two worlds.
Ludwigshafen 2010

King Bansah #2 (Garage),
The photograph Garage shows the royal garage, which he uses as a mechanic’s workshop. In the center of the photograph is a refrigerator storing “Akosombo” beer. In the display case on top of the refrigerator other merchandise can be found.
Ludwigshafen 2010


Series – King Bansah

Mirka Laura Severa


Format 65 x 80 cm
Material Emblem Photo 300 Baryt
Extras Mounting Aludibond
Frame Quadro white
Frame Detail Wood Pine - smooth varnish
Profile View 20 mm
Glass Flabeg ARTControl UV 60
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“What fascinates me about photography, is that you can create worlds with its help. It conveys a feeling that can only be sensed in the way something is seen, which one might not otherwise perceive.“ Read more about the artist

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