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This image was part of a cover story for Music Express. Daft Punk, that is to say, the robots, scheduled an entire day with the press for the release of their new album Random Access Memories, for which they collaborated with Giorgio Moroder. Several magazines were invited and each had a limited time to take pictures. My time slot was scheduled directly after a glossy magazine and their set looked like there were 15 people staring at a monitor. I was pretty fascinated, but I kept my focus.
My magazine asked me to create a background in the studio by filling it completely with white balloons. I spent most of my time that day blowing up balloons and when I was done, I went to the robots, who were standing there without helmets, and I told them that I would take analog pictures.
I showed them some pictures from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and explained that I wanted to convey this feeling in my images. Apparently, after the shoot that preceded me, they thought this was a refreshing approach. I played Beethoven’s 5th (an important element in Kubrick’s film as well).
Paris 2013


Daft Punk

Adrian Crispin


Edition 20 + 2 AP
Format 75 x 50 cm
Material Emblem Photo 300 Baryt
Extras Mounting Aludibond
Frame Objekt17 – white
Frame Detail Wood Limetree – smooth varnish
Profile View 17 mm
Glass Flabeg ARTControl UV 60
SKU AC_16301

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