Our Laboratory

Our laboratory partners, d’mage, produce our images in Berlin. d’mage aspires to the highest standards in staff, material and technology, working only with the most advanced printing systems and the finest papers. Hahnemühle, the world leader in fine art paper, has therefore awarded them with their seal of quality, “Certified Center for Digital Fine Art Printing.” Following our quality control, we provide the photographs with a signature sticker, upon which the edition number can be found. Moreover, each image will receive an edition certificate.

A1A Artprint

The A1A artprint process is a new worldwide inkjet printing process producing museum quality images, therefore they are of the highest quality. The A1A artprint method protects your art print from UV radiation, ozone, environmental and mechanical stresses, and achieves a durability of over 200 years. The A1A artprint is also distinguished by brilliant sharpness and depth of color.

In the artprint process the pigments of the inkjet printer are embedded in a molecule matrix of acrylic glass and then preserved. The A1A artprint is manufactured on Alu-Dibond and is (like photo paper) available in a matt or gloss finish. A protective glass is no longer necessary.

Artist’s Proof / AP

Artist’s Proof (from French épreuve d’artist, abbreviated as EA or AP) refers to the works that are generally retained by the artists themselves, so that even if the edition is completely sold out, the artist is, for example, able to show their work in a gallery.

In general, the APs make up a maximum of 20% of the total edition. If you purchased a print with the indication 20 + 2 AP, this means that a total of 22 editions of this work exist or may be produced, two of which are reserved for the artist. The artists may also sell their own APs.

Edition Certificates with Signature

Each photograph that BLACK IRIS sells receives an edition certificate. This certificate confirms the authenticity and limited edition of the image and provides the work title, artist name, year, edition number and signature of the photographer. For organizational reasons, it is possible that the certificate will be sent with a delay, without resulting in the right of cancellation.

Framing & Mounting

All our frames are handmade in Berlin. Following the tradition of classical galleries, each artist has chosen a specific frame for their image. If you have a special framing request, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In principle, the non-framed images are mounted on Alu-Dibond.

Packaging & Shipping

Our logistics partner is specialized in art transportation. Therefore we are able to guarantee the high quality and necessary care and safety needed for packing and transportation. Shipping prices are based on size and destination.

The shipping costs for Germany and the EU will be displayed in the shopping cart. Please expect a maximum delivery time of 10-14 days from the time of delivery (depending on printing technique and framing). However, generally, your photograph will reach you within 5-7 working days. We will notify you via e-mail when your delivery has been shipped. Information about the delivery deadlines is not binding.


If you should receive an incorrect or damaged delivery, you have the right of return. In this case, BLACK IRIS assumes the shipping costs for the returns. In such a case, we ask that you please contact us, so we can facilitate the return.


You can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), debit (Sepa), via invoice or with PayPal.

Art Insurance

Our insurance partner Allianz offers art insurance that is tailored to your needs.

More information is available here