We curate our photographs and images with the knowledge that we have acquired through years of work in the fields of photography, design and fashion, as well as in the development of magazines and through collaborations with fashion and design productions.

Our fixed curatorial team is made up of two photographers and an art director, combining more than 15 years of experience in the field of photography and design. Our close relationships and friendships with other photographers and artists are the result of years of working together and mark our personal choices. With BLACK IRIS, we would like to present this exceptional insight into the work of the artist. Moreover, we work with guest curators (see Curated by) whose work and expertise we know and appreciate. Through this, we are able to expand our range even further.

Daniela Müller-Brunke

Daniela Müller-Brunke was born in Namibia and grew up in South Africa. She studied photography at the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, moved to London after graduation and gained first-hand experience as a photography assistant and later as a photographer. In the British metropolis, Daniela taught at the Italian fashion school Istituto Marangoni as a photography lecturer before moving to Berlin. Here, she works as a successful fashion and portrait photographer, commuting between Berlin, London and Africa for her international clients. She finds new sources of inspiration and energy through regular trips to her native Africa, where she combines work with family visits.

Mirjam Wählen

Mirjam Wählen comes from Aachen but was always at home in the world. Growing up in the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and Holland, she moved to Paris in 1994, where she gained experience in fashion photography. She went on to graduate as a photo designer from Berlin Lette-Verein. Since then, she’s traveled the world for clients – and as a convincing networker, she’s able to bring the most unlikely people together. To this day, one of her favorite places in the world is the American West Coast. Ever since her first road trip, it’s pulled her back time and again, both personally and professionally. In addition to travel, she loves classical design. Berlin has been her home base for the past 20 years.

Jens Pieper

Jens Pieper was born and raised in Berlin and remains faithful to his hometown. The art director, with over 15 years of experience with his own agency, works with national and international clients from the fields of fashion, art, culture and lifestyle. During his studies at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), together with a partner Jens founded his former agency Floor5. He quickly began specializing in brand development, magazines and websites. After graduation, he worked as a guest lecturer and gives workshops at the Academy of Fashion and Design (AMD) Berlin in visual communication and magazine development. In 2015 Jens Pieper launched his new design studio, “Klute,” based on the eponymous film by Alan J. Pakula.

Advisory Board

BLACK IRIS is supported by an international advisory board of collectors, art buyers, photo agents and experts from the fields of business, art, marketing & PR and e-commerce.