Odiseo MAGAZINE Vol.9


Odiseo Volume 9 takes a puff of Satire by casting an acid, provocative glance on love, progress and society through the desecrating visions of Ingo Niermann, Kingston Trinder, and Fiktion’s Rene Daalder & Rem Koolhaas. Steamy imagery provided by Alexandra Von Fuerst, Marlen Keller, Megan Cullen and Atelier Cristina Ramos.

© Odiseo Magazine, Alexandra von Fuerst
Alexandra Von Fuerst enhances the female body and its beauty in all aspects in a surreal photo essay on sexual fetishisms accompanied with a still life play with hedonic clay sculptures. Megan Cullen depicts a sisterly artistic sublime orchestrated in the desert; alongside ‘Honey’ a fuzzy one woman show by Marlen Keller, this volume also includes a sensual still life story directed by Atelier Cristina Ramos.
Featuring the bittersweet reflections on ‘Anthropocene’ by the volcanic writer from darling New Zealand, Kingston Trinder. ‘Army of Love’ is a militant and visionary manifesto for Completist Love by German novelist, writer, and artist Ingo Niermann; an excerpt from the satirical screenplay “The White Slave” by writer and director Rene Daalder and architect Rem Koolhaas. Filmmaker and writer Joe Fletcher concludes the volume with his acid reflections around modern classic Crash by JD Ballard.