Giasco Bertoli – Blow Up 93

© Giasco Bertoli - Stampa a contatto Milano 1993, 2017

Swiss-born photographer and video artist Giasco Bertoli studied photography at the European Institute of Design in Milan and the New School of New York.  He lives and works in Paris. Fascinated by the inseparable trilogy of life, sex and death, he is interested in the mixing of dreamlike and ordinary in the everyday life. In his work, places and portraits are approached as studies where the notions of absence and presence are mingled at the same time.

In 1966 Michelangelo Antonioni chose Maryon Park, located in Charlton, southeast of London, to shoot the scenes that would become the legendary images from his film Blow Up. The park hardly changed since Antonioni shot there.  Bertoli shot a series of photos in March, 2007 and another in March 2014.

“The series began with my memories of the film, and was a way to repeat it myself. So I went to the location where Antonioni filmed his famous scenes, scenes that inhabit me as well, and then went back again seven years later. The series I shot essentially consisted of apprehending the sensation and phenomenon of déjà-vu. His scenes, today, have become like clichés, so much have they gotten into time’s memory, individually and collectively. 

Films can enrich the imagination, and cinema often inspires my work as a photographer, often to the point that I might say that I understand reality better through cinema. There are filmmakers who create cinematic experiences that seem to equal to real life. The films of Antonioni fully cover this experience. “

«We know that under the revealed image there is another one more faithful to reality, and under that reality is yet another reality, and again another, to the point where any absolute reality remains a mystery that no one can ever see.» Michelangelo Antonioni
© Giasco Bertoli, Brothers

The picture „Brothers“ works disruptively but is also related to Antonioni’s film, by the zoom and the blur. By showing these two children, the image works on the idea of distant memory. The question of memory is at the heart of the exhibition since the artist re-photographs scenes of the film, returning to the themes of Antonioni. Thus, this photo of the two children symbolically contains all themes of the exhibition.

Giasco Bertoli – Blow Up 93

Mannerheim Gallery

6, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris

Through December 9th
Wednesday – Saturday, 14 – 19h