EXHIBITION Roman Schramm at Kunsthaus Jesteburg


Roman Schramm’s images have a high seduction potential, tempting you to open up to the most diverse varieties of interpretation and sensory perception, to savour first impressions and appearances. His works even seduce possibly the artist himself. If anything, part of the pleasure here lies in the process of visual invention and ultimately in contemplating the work: giving in, setting out without knowing where you’ll end, arriving at places you don‘t yet know – all this through images simultaneously concrete yet alien, hyperreal yet familiar, abstract yet figurative.


© Roman Schramm, Kunsthaus Jesteburg

Oriented towards a playful practice, his process of visual invention more resembles that of a painter than a photographer – objects are formed, pieced together, found, edited in Photoshop or 3D programs and staged in ever new ways.

In his exhibition in Jesteburg, the relationship between gestural freedom and formal encoding plays a significant role. Large format works in conspicuous metal frames have been partially installed on tall panels which in turn have been upholstered with colourful fabrics and function as additional framing for Schramm’s often three-dimensional visual compositions. Here, the frame becomes part of the image, expanding instead of confining it. Spiritual narratives mingle with the various motifs, with their sensuous, almost gustatory and haptic, perceptual and formal configurations of diverse elements. The intuitive and the formal approach each other and stand shoulder to shoulder in the exhibition. The sensual qualities of the photographs blend almost naturally with technical, digital impressions based on grids and pixels.

© Roman Schramm, Kunsthaus Jesteburg
© Roman Schramm, Kunsthaus Jesteburg

Roman Schramm (b. 1979) studied at the HFBK in Hamburg from 1999 until 2007. His works have often been exhibited internationally, and his photographs can be seen at many esteemed institutions in Germany – most recently at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin.

A catalogue has also been published with argobooks, Berlin on the occasion of the exhibition. (ISBN 978-3-942700-80-1)

The exhibition is showing at Kunsthaus Jesteburg until the end of January 2017.