A1A Printing Process – Museum quality prints at home


With almost 20 years under his belt as the senior image editor at ZEITmagazine, as well actively curating contemporary photography at pavlov’s dog gallery in Berlin-Mitte, it’s clear that Michael Biedowicz is dedicated to images. Currently, the average life of a traditional photograph, even with archival printing techniques and low-light display, is only 100 years. The ground-breaking A1A artprint process, developed by Biedowicz and his partner, Dr. Konstanze Schäfer – a biochemist and molecular biologist, extends the life of the photograph to over 200 years by protecting the image from ultraviolet rays, ozone, environmental factors and mechanical tensions. According to Biedowicz, after environmental factors, the second greatest enemy of the photograph is the adhesive used in mounting. By directly embedding colors on molecule matrix of acrylic glass, this museum-quality process sets a new standard for photographic prints.

© 2016 BLACK IRIS Contemporary Photography, Mirka Laura Severa

BLACK IRIS offers A1A artprint for selected images, resulting in photographs with brilliant colors, detailed resolution and incredible depth that withstand the test of time.